Kendallville Rotary Club
History & Membership

Club History:

The first meeting of the Kendallville Rotary Club was held on Friday, March 15, 1918, at the Gawthrop Inn, 115 N. Main St., Kendallville. 

For over a hundred years, the Kendallville Rotary Club has brought business and professional leaders together to serve the community. And it has promoted the purpose of Rotary International: providing humanitarian services, encouraging high ethical standards in all vocations and advancing goodwill and peace around the world.


The founding of the Kendallville Rotary Club in the late winter of 1918 was largely due to the efforts of state Sen. Clarence J. Munton of Kendallville. He was the superintendent of the Fort Wayne & Northwestern Railway Co., which operated the interurban railroad line from Fort Wayne to Kendallville.


President Munton said it was not the idea to push any particular movement as a club, “but for each member to practice Rotarism as an individual, casting his influence for those things that mean the upliftment of the community.”

Club Membership, 2023-2024

Jenna Anderson

President 2022-2023

Denise Landers


Dr. Tom Jansen

President Elect 2023-2024

Eric Blackman

Jerry Davis

Brian DeCamp

Larry Doyle

Al Ensley

Scott Frick

Dr. Terry Gaff

SuzAnne Handshoe

Michael Herron

Tim Hess

David Hockley

Terry Housholder

Dave Hunter

Al Huth

Chris Jansen

Dr. Doug Jansen

Dr. Jerry Jansen

Kristen Johnson


Randy Kline

Tyler Knox

Fred Kreigh

Craig Lichlyter

Diana McCreery

Al Moore

Heidi Ramer

Matt Rickey

Dr. Alan Roush

RJ Ruse

Jeremy Spidel

Andy Strack

Jennifer Streich

Julia Tipton

Casey Weimer

Dave Wilson

Donna Wolfe